SD / colour / 26 min. / 2006


More Than Words (Más que palabras) constructs a tableau of contemporary Cuba through the posters and graffiti scattered throughout the country. It is a portrait composed of fragments that must be deciphered and reassembled by the viewer to form a broader narrative.

Since its beginning, the Cuban Revolution has employed large posters to transmit its political and social ideology to the people. Walls, billboards and any other public medium have served as a platform for developing a form of visual communication that continues to exist to this day. I shot this film in 2006 and it was conceived as a work in progress. With each poster comes a stamp of everyday life, a captured moment of reality. I have taken note of its geographic coordinates, so as to revisit and film there in the future, capturing the unfolding of Cuba’s history from those very places.




– Visual Festival Cine Novísimo. Madrid, 2008.
 TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, 2007.
– Les Recontres Internationales Paris / Berlin / Madrid. Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid and Babylon Mitte, Berlin. 2007.
– Tentaciones. Estampa Contemporary Art Fair. Madrid, 2006.


More Than Words is part of HAMACA Moving Image Platform‘s catalog.